Teaching Award

Celebrate exceptional educators

In honor of Edward Maxedon's three decades of service to the field of education, each year we recognize an individual who exemplifies Mr. Maxedon's belief in the value of talking about works of art.

Apply or nominate an exceptional Pre-K–12 educator who:

  • Inspires students to identify and articulate what they see in an artwork in their own words.
  • Ensures that each individual is heard, valued, and validated for their contributions to discussions about art.
  • Fosters excellence, creativity, and innovation.

Contact Kelly Jordan to learn more about the process for nominating a teacher.

My early visits to the IU Art Museum [and] conversations with fellow students about art, history and culture were critical to my development as a human being and as a teacher. I don’t know what I would have done had the museum’s collection not been available to me.

Clyde Gaw, 2021 Maxedon Award winner