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We have incredible educational resources for teachers. Join us for tours at the museum or let us bring the museum to you, wherever you are.

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Join us at the museum for an exciting tour experience. Our tour programs will support your classroom curriculum and learning goals while engaging students to learn about art and museums. We develop tours by grade level and can adapt them to meet your needs as an educator.

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Object-based Learning Workshop

Work one-on-one with a museum educator to develop new skills in using a work of art as an engagement tool for teaching grade-level standards.

Arts-based content mapping across the curriculum

Map interdisciplinary connections with fellow teachers using objects from the museum as the inspiration and common ground.

Arts-based wellness teacher workshop

Learn how to use art in behavior management through this workshop designed in collaboration with Arts-Based Wellness educator and art therapist, Lauren Daugherty. Gain insight into materials and behavior management techniques, explore how classroom set-up can make a big impact, and implement flexible arts-based planning tools.

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