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A sketchy, black-and-white drawing of a horse race. Three horses are running toward the viewer on the left side, while on the right, a large crowd has been drawn in a hasty, scribble-like way.

From Daumier to Toulouse-Lautrec

Icons of French Nineteenth-Century Lithography in the Collection of the Indiana University Eskenazi Museum of Art

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Three empty frames hang on a wall. A text overlay reads 'prov-e-nance / the place of origin or earliest known history of something'.

Nazi-Era Provenance Project

The Eskenazi Museum of Art strives to document the complete provenance (ownership history) of each object in its collection, from creation until the time it entered the museum. Works that could have been in Europe during the Nazi era (1933–1945) and that have gaps in their provenance, are priorities.

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What is Collections Online?

Collections Online is a resource that allows visitors from around the world to see all 45,000+ records in our permanent collection. You’ll find high-quality images, complete descriptions, and details about each artwork that you can’t find anywhere else!

What can I do with this resource?

We hope you use this resource to enrich your own connection with art and with the Eskenazi Museum of Art! You’re free to use it for personal enjoyment, teaching, or research purposes. If you include links to Collections Online in your blog or on social media, let us know so we can share it!

Why did the Eskenazi Museum of Art create Collections Online?

Our museum is home to an astounding collection of more than 45,000 artworks from all around the world, but only a small fraction can be displayed in our museum at any given time. Collections Online allows us to share our full collection with anyone, anywhere in the world.

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