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Two figures with shovels working under a shower of light.
Migrant Workers Working Overtime
Artist: Sun Jinyi
Culture: Chinese
An African-American man wearing a patterned hooded sweatshirt.
Untitled (Handsome Young Man)
Artist: Kerry James Marshall
A small wanted poster on a green background features two images of a man in profile and facing forward. Large red text reads, “WANTED/ $2,000 REWARD”, while smaller black text reads, “For information leading to the release of Ai Weiwei, whose passport has been withheld by the CHINESE AUTHORITIES. A known social critic, he runs a studio in Beijing, China, devoted to the production of his work, which includes sculpture, installation art, architecture, photography, and film. Height 5 feet 8 inches. Weight about 210 pounds. Complexion medium. Ethnicity Asian. Known across the internet as @aiww.
Artist: Ai Weiwei
A hanging wall sculpture made of aluminum bottle caps woven together with copper wire.
Artist: El Anatsui
This is a large circle of polished stainless steel. The outer two-thirds of the circle has a repeating pattern of curved triangular shapes. The center has a plant-like pattern that resembles interlocked vines and flowers.
Flight of a Thousand Birds
Artist: Anila Quayyam Agha
An installation containing many elements in the shape of curving sheets of white paper, which are suspended from the ceiling. The installation is narrower in the background and gradually becomes wider, giving the appearance of a cloud of papers blown in by a gust of wind.
Gust of Wind
Artist: Paul Cocksedge
A tall sculpture of white irregularly-shaped disks stacked on top of one another.
Desert Rose: Spiralic Countering
Artist: Steve Naifeh