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Rounded vase with a short skinny neck and a textured, red-black glaze.
Bottle Vase
Artist: Karl Martz
A tall white rectangle with thin black horizontal lines which begin at the base very close together at a regular distance and then become much wider at a regular distance.
Ladder with Two Blacks and Two Whites
Artist: Budd Stalnaker
At right, a white woman puts on lipstick. A black face looks at her from a nearby mirror. At left is a black woman in chains and a small male figure. Arranged at the top, above a map of the southern United States and Caribbean, is a a row of faces in a range of skin colors.
Lightening Lipstick
Artist: Robert Colescott
Two figures with shovels working under a shower of light.
Migrant Workers Working Overtime
Artist: Sun Jinyi
Culture: Chinese
Vase in the shape of a cactus-like plant form.
Black Dog Wattle
Artist: Julie Blyfield
A hexagonal brooch made of several individual triangles in silver, copper, and glass.
Phosphene Brooch-Hexagon
Artist: Joan Parcher
A large truck seen from behind that has an open bed filled with indistinct objects. The composition is rendered primarily in white and black. There is a vertical band of abstract patterning on the left side of the canvas.
Artist: John Himmelfarb
This is a drawing of a standing girl wearing a floral dress holding a wheeled toy rabbit by a string. The flowers on the girl's dress are in the shape of swastikas. The drawing is colored with light areas of green, pink, and orange watercolor.
Artist: Peregrine Honig
An abstract, horizontal composition where the colors range from white at the top to dark red at the bottom. The middle is a gradient from yellow to orange. The composition is further complicated with small abstract gestures throughout.
Rushing Water
Artist: Emmi Whitehorse
This image is a red interior scene with a nude female figure extending her left arm to touch a translucent curtain, her back to the viewer. She stands near a bed frame with a coiled iron decoration.
Red Room at Five (A)
Artist: Renée Stout