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A standing male figure with its arms at its sides; the arms taper to points while the legs terminate in small rounded ends midway down the calves. The figure has pointed rows of hair wrapping vertically around the head from the forehead, like a mohawk with a smaller, similar formation to each side.
Male Figure
Culture: Baule
Brooch in a triangular shape. Surface punctuated by small holes. Metal cut-outs in the shape of the sun, the moon, and stars hang from the right side. The brooch stands on a pole attached to a wooden base.
Sun, Moon, and Stars Brooch
Artist: George Rickey
A landscape with windmills and low buildings set against a gray sky. In the foreground, the green land is interrupted by a small river that winds along the right side of the composition.
View of Dordrecht
Artist: Charles-Fran├žois Daubigny
Miniature gold statuette of a bull with horns. The body is stylized, but ears, eyes, mouth and nostrils are carefully defined. The front and back feet come together to form a circular base.
Miniature Bull Finial
Culture: Hattian
A painted wooden coffin in the shape of a fish. The fish is painted pink with red stripes near its top, and the fins are painted yellow, with crimson areas where the fins join with the fish's body.
Coffin in the Form of a Fish
Artist: Workshop of Ernest Anang Kwei
A seated clay figure with legs crossed, its arms bent at its sides, and its hands resting on its abdomen. The figure's face is angled slightly upward, and it wears an elaborate hairstyle or headdress that points upward and forward.
Seated Figure
Culture: Olmec
Depiction of a woman holding an infant to her face. A tassled cloth is hanging overhead,and two pears (one halved) and an apple are on a surface in front of the figures.
Madonna and Child with Apple and Pears
Artist: Studio of Bernard van Orley
Family portrait with eight figures and a dog.
Hope Family Portrait
Artist: Max Beckmann
Small molded jar with blue and white floral patterns.
Jar with Blue and White Decoration
Artist: Unknown
Culture: Chinese