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Miniature gold statuette of a bull with horns. The body is stylized, but ears, eyes, mouth and nostrils are carefully defined.  The front and back feet come together to form a circular base.
Miniature Bull Finial
Culture: Hattian
Vessel with two column-like handles has ornamental patterns around the neck and on the flattened rim. The scene on one side of the body depicts two men reclining on couches while a woman, standing  between them, plays an aulos (oboe), On the other side, three youths stand together in coversation.
Red-Figure Mixing Bowl (Column-Krater) with Symposium Scene and Gymnasium Scene
Attributed To: The Hephalstos Painter
Culture: Greek
Standing figure of Athena wearing a gown that is gathered at the waist. Her right arm extends straight out to the side, and her left is bent at the elbow.
Culture: Greek
A kneeling man holds a woman on his left shoulde and turs his head to look up at her. The woman has an elaborate dress and a tiara-like headdress. She holds both her hands in front of her.
Satyr and Maenad
Culture: Etruscan
A woman, draped in a tunic and cloak, stands with her weight on her left leg. Her right arm falls at her side and she grasps a cornucopia in her left hand, holding it against her shoulder.
Female Standing Figure
Culture: Roman
An axe head with a concave indentation in the side and space for handle attachment. It is slightly worn in.
Axe Head
Culture: Assyrian
Wooden comb has with teeth on both the top and bottom. An organicdesign set into a half-circle in the central section on both sides of the comb. The teeth on the bottom are thicker than the teeth on top and the decorative design has anthropomorphic qualities.
Comb with Anthropomorphic Decoration
Culture: Egyptian
A standing male figure is shown as a mummy. He wears an elaborate crown, wears a ceremonial beard, and holds ceremonial flails crossed over his chest.
Culture: Egyptian
A scene is presented on two levels. On the upper register the deceased man sits on a chair and accepts offerings brought by servants. On the lower register three of his male relatives are seated on the ground as they share a ritual meal, surrounded by offering tables with food.
Relief Depicting Funerary Meal
Culture: Egyptian
Head broken from statue at neck. The woman's long hair is held out towards her left and twisted by her missing hand.
Head of Aphrodite Wringing Her Hair
Culture: Romano-Egyptian
Culture: Roman