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A seated clay figure with legs crossed, its arms bent at its sides, and its hands resting on its abdomen. The figure's face is angled slightly upward, and it wears an elaborate hairstyle or headdress that points upward and forward.
Seated Figure
Culture: Olmec
An earspool with a circular, flat decoration attached to a cylindrical post. The circular face has intricate details on its surface, arranged in radial circular patterns, and a bird with a small fish near its foot at the center.
Culture: Sicán
A lime container with an anthropomorphic figure built into the side of a shell. The figure, with bat-like features, appears to wear a headdress, a necklace, and has small feet with anklets.
Lime Container
Culture: Wari
Culture: Tiwanaku
An urn in the form of a seated figure with legs crossed and hands on its knees. The head has large, prominent lips that extend in front of the face, and there is a cylindrical headdress extending from the top of the figure's head.
Urn in the Form of a Seated Figure
Culture: Zapotec
A tall, oblong, roughly ovoid smooth stone. It is a light orange/tan color with some streaks of dark grey, particularly near the center.
Culture: Olmec
A wooden object with a long curved blade and a carved figure on top.
Culture: Taíno
A tall, cylindrical white vase with a decorative bean pod depicted in low relief on the exterior of the vase, hanging down from the rim.
Culture: Chancay
A standing female figure with pubic triangle and breasts indicated. The figure's arms are attached to her sides with hands resting on the torso, and the figure's legs and feet are indicated but are not separated from each other. There is also a necklace indicated between the figure's head and torso.
Female Figure
Culture: Chimú