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A seated clay figure with legs crossed, its arms bent at its sides, and its hands resting on its abdomen. The figure's face is angled slightly upward, and it wears an elaborate hairstyle or headdress that points upward and forward.
Seated Figure
Culture: Olmec
A wooden object with a long curved blade and a carved figure on top.
Culture: Taíno
A human figure, standing on a bell-shaped pedestal. The figure wears a hat or headdress with a wide, flat, disc-like rim. The figure stands with his arms at his sides, the hands connecting at the thighs, with a gap between the torso and the arms.
Large Human Effigy Incense Burner
Culture: Manteño
A vessel with a wide, flared base, tapering sharply upwards, with a wide, bowl-like shape at the top. There are square-shaped holes carved into the vessel near where the top joins with the narrow neck. The exterior of the vessel is decorated with geometric patterns rendered with dark pigment on a red-orange base color.
Origin: Colombia
A smiling head with its tongue slightly sticking out. The head has oval eyes, a pointed chin, and is wearing a large headdress and an earring on its right ear.
Smiling Head
Origin: Veracruz
Culture: Remojadas
A sitting figure with its arms wrapped around knees, looking slightly upward.
Culture: Central Region
A figure standing with long hair, looking straight ahead. The figure has short arms and wide hips and thighs.
Female Figure
Origin: Tlatilco
A jar shaped like a pumpkin with three frogs supporting it, all colored orange.
Vessel in the Form of a Pumpkin
Culture: Colima
Double-spout-and-bridge vessel with a spherical body, decorated with red, yellow, white, and brown pigment with black pigment almost entirely used for outline. In the central portion of the vessel an animal is depicted.
Double-Spout-And-Bridge Jar
Culture: Nazca