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Brooch in a triangular shape. Surface punctuated by small holes. Metal cut-outs in the shape of the sun, the moon, and stars hang from the right side. The brooch stands on a pole attached to a wooden base.
Sun, Moon, and Stars Brooch
Artist: George Rickey
A landscape with windmills and low buildings set against a gray sky. In the foreground, the green land is interrupted by a small river that winds along the right side of the composition.
View of Dordrecht
Artist: Charles-Fran├žois Daubigny
A portrait of a woman in black against a blue background. She wears an ornate pearl necklace beneath a ruffled white collar. Her red hair is tucked into a headpiece with pearls.
Portrait of Mary Tudor or Queen Mary
Artist: Hans Eworth
A portrait of a young boy dressed in black with shoulder-length brown hair. His left arm is at his side while his right arm is propped over a beam while he holds a long object. He stares directly at the viewer.
Portrait of a Boy
Artist: Philips Koninck
Depiction of a woman holding an infant to her face. A tassled cloth is hanging overhead,and two pears (one halved) and an apple are on a surface in front of the figures.
Madonna and Child with Apple and Pears
Artist: Studio of Bernard van Orley
Family portrait with eight figures and a dog.
Hope Family Portrait
Artist: Max Beckmann
The canvas is divided down the vertical center by a swooped red curtain. To the left, two women are walking away from the curtain with the younger woman holding a sword and the older woman holding a decapitated head in her skirt. Behind the curtain at the center of the canvas, a half-nude, decapitated man is partially visible.
Judith with the Head of Holofernes
Artist: Antiveduto Gramatica
A silver necklace with a single silver pendant that resembles a spoon. The neck of the pendant is smooth while the body has organic texture and deep horizontal grooves. The pendant is adorned with small green lapis gems.
Artist: Alma Eikerman
A sweeping landscape view with Mount Vernon visible on a grassy hill at the left of the composition. In the bottom left corner, a man on foot and a man on horseback approach the bricked archway that marks George Washington's tomb.
The Tomb at Mount Vernon
Artist: Victor de Grailly
A young woman dressed in blue and red holds a small infant. Two figures flank the pair. The figure on the right wears a white veil while the figure on the left has on a suit of armor.
Madonna and Saints
Artist: Italian School