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The cloth is decorated with a grid of 11x4 rectangular panels of roughly equal size. Each rectangle has a triangle with slightly curved black lines and a triangle with smaller white triangles in it.
Culture: Samoan
The cloth is decorated with a 4x3 grid of square panels, each roughly equal in size; the designs in the panels alternate in a linear pattern. Each square panel is decorated with either a design with an
Culture: Samoan
There is a full boarder or undecorated cloth and then a repeated motif is used four times from top to bottom and six times from left to right.
Culture: Samoan
The cloth is decorated with abstract geometric designs, including two prominent
Culture: Fijian
A brown and white bark belt with finely carved ornamental designs, which are abstracted human figures.
Origin: Wapo Creek
Abstracted figures and shapes are inscribed on the outside surface of the bowl and colored with red, yellow, and white pigment.
Culture: Boiken
A circular white shell with carved turtle shell overlap from the top center to the lower middle. There is fiber attached to the top of the ornament.
Breast Ornament
Culture: Santa Cruz Islands
A carved wooden bailer (handheld scoop) with a handle which has an intricately carved knob at the end that points inward. The exterior of the bailer is carved with intricate designs, and the interior is smooth.
Canoe Bailer
Culture: Māori
A carved wooden canoe prow ornament with a bird on top. In the center of the ornament are two hands intertwined.
Canoe Prow Ornament
Origin: Yos Sudarso Bay
A carved prow ornament in the form of a stylized human head topped with a hat and supported by two arms that are bent with the hands touching the chin. The eyes and decorative bands on the hat and face are articulated with delicate shell inlay.
Canoe Prow Ornament
Culture: Solomon Islands
Culture: New Georgia Island
A carved wooden head painted black, with hands clasped the chin and a hat on top of the head. Shell inlay appears around the eyes, and in lines on the forehead, cheeks, and jaw.
Canoe Prow Ornament
Culture: Solomon Islands
Culture: New Georgia Island
Canoe prow ornament with a lot of openwork and spiral carvings. The front of it has a head with inlaid eyes; the carved face is sticking out its tongue.
Canoe Prow Ornament
Culture: Māori
A wooden canoe prow ornament in the form of an abstracted bird.
Canoe Prow Ornament
Origin: Vanuatu
A ceremonial axe with a carved wood handle. The upper portion of the axe is wrapped in braided sennit fiber.
Ceremonial Axe
Origin: Sepik River
A flat-circular stone set into a wood handle by holes drilled into stone and lashed with soft braided fiber. The handle shaft is covered with fine cloth (blue-white polka dots) attached with criss-crosssing wrappings of braided fiber and there are strands of braided fiber with shells at ends.
Ceremonial Staff
Origin: New Caledonia
The textiles has a depiction of a boat with several layers containing squares with figures and plants one within each square. The primarily color of the textile is red.
Ceremonial Textile ("Ship Cloth")
Culture: Lampung
An ornament with two large white shells; one on the right and one on the left. The fiber is boardered in small shells and the fabric color alternates between red and dark blue.
Chest and Back Ornament
Culture: Benabena
Culture: Kamano
A standing, carved figure, with short legs and a long torso, and arms hanging at its sides.  There are patterns in low relief at the figure's head, shoulders, and upper torso, as well as in a vertical line running down the torso.
Commemorative Figure
Origin: Sepik River
A carved, standing abstracted figure, with legs curving inward, a main head between hunched shoulders, and small figures stacked on top of the main head. The torso has shapes carved through it, including a ring-like shape near the stomach.
Commemorative Figure
Culture: Kopar
A dagger with a small human figure on top. The figure is very simplified with limited features.
Origin: Java