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A colorful cloth panel with red, pink, blue, light blue, orange, yellow, green and black. There are line patterns on the background and animals depicted including three large butterfly forms.
Cloth Panel
Culture: Cuna
A red rug with linear and geometric decorations in a deep ochre or brown color. These motifs include stacked triangles and arrows creating a border, with a central motif made up of five crosses with small “flags” at four of their corners.
Germantown Red Rug
Culture: Navajo
A rug, mostly red in color, with thin stripes and jagged, two-colored lines arranged in obtuse
Germantown Red Rug
Culture: Navajo
A female figure in a red dress, with her right hand to her chest and left arm reaching out and bent at the elbow. She wears a headdress in a semicircular form.
Female Figure of Saint
Origin: New Mexico
A jar with geometric shapes and natural forms in black, white, and red.
Water Jar
Culture: Acoma Pueblo
Culture: Pueblo
A large pot with black abstract and geometric patterns on a white ground. The vessel swells from an unfooted base to the shoulder, tapering to the very slightly expanded rim.
Large Pot
Culture: Cochiti
Culture: Pueblo
A woven plaque depicting a mask form of geometric shapes in black, white, organge, green, and red on a background of red with a border of black and uncolored reed. The plaque is double woven, so the pattern appears on both sides.
Plaque: Kachina Mask
Culture: Hopi
A woven plaque depicting a large black-brown bird on a red/orange background with a border of black and uncolored reed..
Plaque: Bird
Culture: Hopi
A clay pitcher with a narrow bottom, wide shoulders, and a wide, cylindrical neck. The vessel is mostly white in color, but geometric designs are painted in a grey/black slip on the lower portion of the vessel's body, and on the neck.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo