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This figure has a small head with small, incised dot eyes and no other facial features. The figure is in a squatting position that looks like it is sitting in an invisible chair.
Toggle in the Form of a Human Figure
Culture: Inupiat
Culture: Yupik
An adze with a long handle made of carved antler and a short metal blade at the end. The carved antler has an animal-like motif at the top, with an abstract face and two hands held up at the sides of the face.
Culture: Wasco
Culture: Wishram
A small toggle carved in the form of a bear head. The ears and facial features are lightly indicated.
Toggle in the Form of a Bear Head
Culture: Old Bering Sea
A shallow tray with black on black feather design radiating around the center of the interior.
Tray with Feather Motif
Artist: Maria Martinez
Artist: Popovi Da
Culture: Pueblo
Culture: Tewa
Culture: San Ildefonso Pueblo
A cylindrical birchbark box with a lid. The lid is decorated with radial petalled floral motif.
Lidded Birchbark Box
Artist: Rose Kimewon Williams
Culture: Odawa
A cloth pannel with animals depicted abstractly within desings of red and white lines.
Cloth Panel (Mola)
Culture: Cuna
A colorful cloth panel with red, pink, blue, light blue, orange, yellow, green and black. There are line patterns on the background and animals depicted including three large butterfly forms.
Cloth Panel (la)
Culture: Cuna
A red rug with linear and geometric decorations in a deep ochre or brown color. These motifs include stacked triangles and arrows creating a border, with a central motif made up of five crosses with small “flags” at four of their corners.
Germantown Red Rug
Culture: Diné (Navajo)
A rug, mostly red in color, with thin stripes and jagged, two-colored lines arranged in obtuse
Germantown Red Rug
Culture: Diné (Navajo)
A female figure in a red dress, with her right hand to her chest and left arm reaching out and bent at the elbow. She wears a headdress in a semicircular form.
Female Figure of Saint (Bulto)
Origin: New Mexico