Center for Conservation

Art meets science at our Center for Conservation

The top priority of the Center for Conservation is to care for and protect the collection housed at our museum. Our conservation staff works in collaboration with registration, curatorial, and installation professionals to examine, document, analyze, and treat the museum’s collection so that it can be safely and more fully enjoyed Although artworks are at their most vulnerable while in the Conservation Studio, this environment provide the best opportunity for insight into the materials and methods of production, as well as the agents of deterioration due to inherent vice, natural aging, poor environment, and human contact.

Come see conservation in action!

Our Center for Conservation includes two exciting areas: the Conservation Studio and the Conservation Analytical Laboratory. The studio lets you see our conservators in action. Because the walls of this space are made from glass, it is visible from both the outside terrace and the second-floor galleries. As you walk by, you’ll see which artworks are currently undergoing treatment.

The Conservation Analytical Laboratory houses equipment for the analysis of methods and materials used to create artwork. In-depth examinations, microscopy, and infrared reflectography all occur in this laboratory on a daily basis. This lab can also host guest lectures and researchers, allowing scholars, faculty, and students an additional place to work closely with the artworks alongside experts.

Connecting students, conservators, and allied professions

The Center for Conservation allows for better, more in-depth learning not only of how and why our cultural heritage was made but also the materials artists use and how they age over time. Committed to advancing Indiana University’s teaching and research missions, we seek to maximize scholar and student experiences and to reduce risk of further damage to our most important permanent collections. We work to convey both the importance of conservation and how examination, documentation, and treatment can benefit related fields.

Opportunities at the Center for Conservation

Our Center for Conservation is dedicated to providing opportunities for students considering a career in conservation or related professions. We offer courses, internships, and research opportunities for students seeking hands-on experience in conservation. Learn more about opportunities for university students.

The Center for Conservation at the Eskenazi Museum of Art strictly adheres to the American Institute for Conservation’s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice. Learn more about the American Institute for Conservation.