The IU Eskenazi Museum of Art’s first website was launched in 1992; the current website is the museum’s fourth and most complete. This website was made possible with support from the Art Museum’s Arc Fund and Lucienne M. Glaubinger. The museum is grateful to the following people who helped make this iteration a reality:

@ IU Eskenazi Museum of Art

Madeline Grdina, IU Eskenazi Museum of Art Editorial Graduate Assistant, 2013–15, project coordinator
David Orr, Glaubinger Design Fellow, 2012–14
Linda Baden, Associate Director, Editorial Services, through 2014
Katherine Paschal, Manager of Communications and Public Relations, through July 2014
Illya Moskvin, IU Eskenazi Museum of Art collections module developer, 2014–15
Eric Van Scoik, Glaubinger Design Fellow, 2014–15

@ IU Communications, Creative Services

Heather Edelblute, Marketing Project Manager
Kate Robinson, Assistant Director of User Interaction
Matt Calvert, Information Systems Administrator and Developer
Zachary Todd, Front-End Web Developer
Scott Taylor, Interactive Art Director