Measuring Time: The Photographs of Jeffrey A. Wolin

Listen to the artist and the people he photographed as you look at photographs by Jeffrey A. Wolin.

Homage to André | Autobiography

Listen as the artist Jeffery A Wolin discusses his relationship with one of his photographic heroes, the Hungarian émigré artist André Kertész who was living in New York City.

Mišo Vogel | Written in Memory: Portraits of the Holocaust

Jeff Wolin discusses meeting Holocaut survivor Mišo Vogel and making this photograph and hearing his story. 

Owen Mike | From All Sides: American and Vietnamese War Veterans

Jeff Wolin shares a story from Owen Mike (Ho-Chunk), U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal, who reflected on his combat service in terms of the warrior tradition from his Native American heritage.   

Kevin is Shot | Pigeon Hill: Then & Now

Listen to a firsthand account from Kevin.

Artist Statement | Faces of Homelessness

Jeff Wolin shares a story about the creation of his Faces of Homelessness series.   

David B, Venice Beach | Faces of Homelessness

Listen to a firsthand account from David. 

Credits | Measuring Time Pathway

Audio for this presentation, provided courtesy of Jeff Wolin, was excerpted from videos from the archive of Jeffrey A. Wolin, including video content by Ben Wolin. Josh Brewer advised on editing.