Life and Legend: Storytelling and Greek Pottery

  • Scenes painted on ancient Greek pottery provide glimpses into the world of the gods, goddesses, and heroes--but they also depict images of daily life. How are these stories connected? How does an understanding of the world of mythology reflect the beliefs, values, and social constructs of Greek society? Join the student curators of the exhibition Life & Legend: Storytelling and Greek Pottery on an audio tour and consider representations of war, gender, revelry, and mythical creatures. The tour begins in the 2nd-floor Focus Gallery and extends into other areas of the ancient art gallery.

  • This audio pathway, and the exhibition to which it relates, was developed by a group of 14 first year students in an IU class taught in the Spring semester of 2023.  This class is the result of an exciting partnership between the ASURE (Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Experience) Program, the Eskenazi Museum of Art, and the Department of Art History. 

Krater with Dionysos and Amazons

Lekythos with Man Chasing Woman

Pyxis with Head of Medusa

Krater with Achilles killing Penthesilea

Amphora with Dionysos and Hunters

Lekythos with Siren and Mourners

Dinos and Stand with the Abduction of Europa

Psykter with Battle of the Gods and Giants

IU class ARTH–A200: Storytelling in Ancient Greek Art (Spring semester, 2023)

  • IU class ARTH–A200: Storytelling in Ancient Greek Art (Spring semester, 2023) 


  • Students: Adam Baron, Essay Biniam, Sophie Bruhn, Riley Byron, Emily “Remy” Caufield, Allison Fredenberg, Naomi Grossman, Madelyn Haley, Grace Harmon, Sophia Hayes, Caitlyn Kulczycki, Sanjana Penmathsa, Joel Robertson, Lauren Rohn 


  • Instructors: Julie Van Voorhis (Professor, Art History Department) and Juliet Graver Istrabadi (Curator of Ancient Art, Eskenazi Museum of Art)