Social Story: My Visit to the Eskenazi Museum of Art

Today I am going to the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art! I am going to see paintings, sculptures, and other types of art from many places around the world.

Where is the museum?

The museum address is 1133 East 7th Street, Bloomington, IN 47405. There aren’t many parking lots close to the museum, so I may have to walk a little bit from my car to the museum entrance. I can enter the museum from the front doors off 7th street. I will see a large red sculpture outside.

Which door can I use?

There are 3 doors I can use to enter the museum. I can use the revolving door in the center, the door with the handle on the left, or the accessible door on the right. If I am in a wheelchair or use another assistive walking device, using the accessible door will be easier for me because I can push a button to automatically open the door.

What will I see when I enter the museum doors?

Once I am inside the museum, I will see a big staircase in front of me and a tall glass ceiling if I look up. There may be other people inside the museum atrium, I may see people walking up and down the stairs, or I might see other people in the galleries. To the left of the stairs, I will see the Welcome Desk. There will be a person sitting behind the desk. This person is friendly and is there to help museum guests like me! I can ask them questions and they can help me find my way around.

Where can I put the things I brought into the museum?

Sometimes I won’t be able to bring everything I brought with me into the museum galleries. Listed below are some of the things I can’t take into the galleries. For a full list of museum guidelines, I can visit the museum’s website here and scroll down toward the bottom of the page to find them!

  • Food or drinks of any kind

  •  Backpacks, other large items, and large coats. Anything larger than 12"x18” I will need to store in a locker.

  •  Wet items or umbrellas

If I have a coat and don't want to put it in a locker, I can hang it up on a hanger on the coat rack across from the lockers.

Where are the restrooms?

If I need to use the restroom, I can go to the Mezzanine level in between the first and second floors to find it! There is also a drinking fountain there if I need a drink of water. If I prefer to use an all-gender restroom, I can find one on the first floor near the lockers.

How many galleries are there to explore?

Now I get to explore the museum! There are 7 galleries in the museum with lots of art! To help keep the art safe, I will keep my hands by my side and will not touch any of the works of art. To get to all of the galleries, I will need to use the elevator behind the Welcome Desk, or I can use the stairs.

Where can I go besides the museum galleries if I am on the 2nd floor?

There are other fun spaces in the museum besides galleries to explore! I can visit the Simpson Center for Education on the 2nd floor. There is an art-making studio inside and an area for gathering. If the doors are unlocked and there is someone inside these rooms, I can go inside and explore those spaces too! If the doors are locked, it means there is no special activity today, but I can come back later to see what is going on in these spaces. If I want to find out when things are happening in these spaces, I can go to the Welcome Desk and ask the person in the bright blue shirt.

Where can I go besides the museum galleries if I am on the 3rd floor?

The Center for Prints, Drawings, and Photographs is another space I can explore. It is on the 3rd floor. Sometimes there is art that is not always on view inside a glass room. If the doors are open and someone is inside, I can go inside and look at the art. If the doors are shut, I need to stay outside the room to look at the art. There is also a gallery inside this space that I can visit.

Who do I ask if I need help?

There will be at least one person in each gallery wearing a bright blue shirt. There will also be at least one person at the Welcome Desk wearing a bright blue shirt. These are Guest Services Associates. They are here to keep the artwork safe, but also to answer questions I have or help me find a work of art I came to see. They are friendly!

What do I do if I need to take a break?

If I need to take a break, I can use a stool from the carts located right outside the galleries, I can sit on the furniture near the Welcome Desk on the 1st floor, or I can sit at the table on the 3rd floor located inside the Center for Prints, Drawings, and Photographs. If I need a more private space to relax, I can ask someone at the Welcome Desk to unlock the Wellness Room near the bathrooms on the mezzanine level.

What do I do if I get hungry?

If I get hungry, I can stop and eat a snack in the Newkirk Museum Café and Gift Shop. The café is the only room in the museum where food is allowed. Here, I can purchase a snack or I can eat one that I brought with me. If I brought a snack with me, I will need to go down to the locker I put my things in to get it.

Right behind the café is the gift shop. I can purchase something here that will help me remember my visit!

What do I do when I'm done exploring?

Once I have seen everything I want to see, I can use the stairs or the elevator to get back to the first floor. I need to make sure I don’t forget anything that is in a locker or my coat that I hung up.

If I parked in the Indiana Memorial Union Parking lot on a weekday, I can get my parking ticket validated at the Welcome Desk. This gives me a discount on parking.  I need to hand the person at the Welcome Desk my parking ticket and they will stamp it for me.

I can now leave the museum and think about the fun time I had!