A Quick Guide

3rd Floor

  • Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Indigenous Arts of the Americas | Wielgus Gallery 

  • Center for Curatorial Studies 

2nd Floor

  • Asian & Islamic Art

  • Ancient Art 

  • Newkirk Café and Gift Shop 

  • Simpson Center for Education 

  • Center for Conservation 

1st Floor

  • Welcome Center | Free lockers and coatroom. Pencils, clipboards, wheelchairs, strollers and more are available to borrow.  

  • Restrooms

  • European and American Art, Medieval to 1900 | Fortune Gallery 

  • European and American Art, Modern and Contemporary | Eskenazi Gallery 

Restrooms and Amenities

  • Restrooms are located on the first floor and mezzanine levels. 

  • Lockers and a coat room are available on the first floor, behind the welcome desk. 

  • Newkirk Café is located on the second floor.  

  • Visit the Welcome Center to borrow strollers, wheelchairs, drawing boards, pencils, and more.  

Gallery Guidelines

  • Thank you for helping us make our museum an enjoyable and welcoming place for all!

  • Spend quality time here. 

  • Please be respectful of every person's museum experience.  

  • Photo and videos encouraged. No flash, tripods, or selfie sticks. 

  • Sketching encouraged. Pencils only, drawing boards up to 24 x 30 inches are okay. 

  • Visit the Welcome Center for access to free lockers, a coat rack, and extra storage. You can also borrow strollers, wheelchairs, drawing boards, pencils, and more!  

  • Help us keep the art safe. 

  • Do not touch the artwork. Keep a safe distance between you and the artwork. 

  • No food or drink in the galleries. Enjoy refreshments in the cafe, in the atrium, or outside on the café terrace. 

  • No backpacks, bulky items, or large coats. Bags up to 12 x 18 inches are welcome. 

  • No wet items or umbrellas. Tables are available outside each gallery.  

  • Service animals are welcome. Please leave your pets at home. 

  • Bring the family. 

  • Please accompany children at all times. 

  • We love strollers. When carrying small children, please keep them in front of you. 

  • Bottle and breastfeeding are welcome throughout the museum. The Wellness Room on the Mezzanine is also available for your use.