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Aberration #7

An aberration by its optic definition is the failure of rays to converge at one focus because of limitations or defects in a lens or mirror, but it can also be defined more broadly as a deviation from what is normal or expected. Ekberg’s color aberrations are both technical (perfect concentric circles refracted by the camera lens) and mysterious (seeing the un-seeable). There is a lyrical beauty in the light from the heavens permeating the woodland foliage. His use of optical experimentation has been compared with the spectral images associated with late-nineteenth-century spirit photography. Ekberg’s photographs give this concept a modern twist by combining the geometric precision of minimalist color field painting with the magic of light.

Adam Ekberg
American, born 1975
Aberration #7
Archival pigment print
Image: 19 7/8 x 25 ¾ in. (48.3 x 65.4 cm); sheet: 21 9/16 x 27 3/8 in. (54.8 x 69.5 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Gift of Randall Garrett in memory of Don McMasters, 2012.89

Large image not available.