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Hoping to Bring Her Life Together...It’s Not Hard, It Just Takes Time

Born in northern Indiana, Sigler was loosely associated with the Chicago Imagists, a group of contemporary realist artists working out of the Windy City. While preferring representational subjects, her work after the late 1970s reflected a more emotional, imaginative quality. Her childlike “neo-naive” style and theatrical presentations depicted personal narratives in bold shapes and colors, often featuring evocative titles or annotations on the pieces, their frames, or both. Despite their apparent playfulness, Sigler’s images are complex and often painful visual symbols about herself as a woman. In 1992, after developing breast cancer, her work began to focus solely on her struggles with the disease. Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art’s collection includes another print related to this theme (Eskenazi Museum of Art 2014.48). Unfortunately, Sigler lost her valiant fight at the age of 53.

Hollis Sigler
American, 1948–2001
Hoping to Bring Her Life Together... It’s Not Hard, It Just Takes Time
Lithograph with blue and green chine collé collage on paperImage/sheet: 21 x 29 in. (53.3 x 73.6 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Purchased with funds from the bequest of Dorothy M. Major, 96.36

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