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Bottle with Head of Winged Woman

Gnathian ware is a type of pottery that added white, yellow, and red decoration to a black-slipped ground. On this bottle, the face of the winged woman (probably Nike, the goddess of victory) is white, with her features painted in light brown. Her cap and hair have an additional application of yellow wash, and the cap has reddish-brown decoration. The wings are a combination of added red and yellow, with the black background glimpsed through the tips of the feathers. Overall, the painting of this bottle produces a remarkably colorful effect despite a limited palette.

Greek, made in Apulia (Italy)
Bottle with Head of Winged Woman
Classical or Hellenistic period, ca. 350–300 BC
Terracotta, added color
H. 6 13/16 in. (17.3 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Evan F. Lilly Memorial, 72.74.1