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Temple of Jupiter Olympus, Athens

This meticulous drawing depicts the impressive Corinthian columns of the temple of the Olympian Jupiter, completed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in AD 132, with the Athenian acropolis seen in the distance. The small, modern city of low houses lies clustered at the foot of the cliff, dwarfed by the titanic ruins.

Martin was not an artist by profession, but rather he spent his entire career in the British Royal Navy. His military service not only enabled him to study topographical drawing at the Royal Navy College, but to travel as well. This drawing was made while Martin was stationed in Greece and Turkey in the turbulent years following the Greek war for independence. Made for personal use, this drawing remained in the possession of the artist’s descendants until 1986.

Henry Martin
British, 1803–1865
Temple of Jupiter Olympus, Athens
Brown ink and brown ink wash on paper
Image/sheet: 9 x 17 3/16 in. (22.9 x 43.7 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, 87.13