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Pierre Soulages has said of the color black, which dominates his painting: “Black has always been the base of my palette. It [is] the most intense, the most violent absence of color.... There is nothing sentimental about my taste for black.... It is simply that I see black.” Soulages’s work, with its heavy impasto and rough, gestural brushstrokes, has affinities with Abstract Expressionism, especially the work of Franz Kline. The intense quality of Soulages’s painting and its monumental weightiness, however, recall the artist’s fascination with the prehistoric artifacts and Romanesque architecture dotting the landscape of southwestern France, where he grew up.

Pierre Soulages
French, born 1919
Oil on canvas
76 ¾ x 51 ¼ in. (194.9 x 130.2 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Jane and Roger Wolcott Memorial, 70.86

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