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Since 2003, the Chicago-based artist John Himmelfarb has created a body of work—paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings—focused on the image of the truck. Explaining his fascination with trucks, Himmelfarb has said, “There’s just something about them that’s so easy to anthropomorphize. . . . They’ve got a personality, a soul.” Himmelfarb’s work is characterized by its balance of painterliness and draftsmanship. The impastoed surface and vigorous brushwork of Forbearance are tempered by calligraphic, linear patterning. Subtle hints of red, green, and blue soften the boldly black-and-white composition.

John Himmelfarb
American, b. 1946
Acrylic on canvas
54 x 76 in. (137.2 x 193.0 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Gift of Stephen Mueller in memory of Karl and Tanny Mueller, 2009.65

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