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Green Shutters

Sánchez’s architectural compositions are almost always devoid of people, prompting some critics to compare his work to that of Edward Hopper, who is well known for his depiction of lonely buildings. Sánchez, like Hopper, also created atmospheric effects in his work through the play of light and shadow. Green Shutters, painted just a year before Sánchez’s death, depicts a house almost completely closed to the outside world, granting viewers just a small glimpse into its shadowy interior. As in a Hopper painting, we are left to wonder about the lives of this house’s inhabitants.

Emilio Sánchez
Cuban (active in the United States), 1921‒1999
Green Shutters
Oil on canvas
48 1/16 x 53 ¼ in. (122.1 x 135.3 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Gift from the Emilio Sanchez Foundation, 2011.69

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