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Number 11, 1949

Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings have become icons of modern art. He created these works by dripping and dribbling liquid enamel paint directly from cans onto a canvas laid on the floor, then manipulating the paint with sticks or stiff brushes. Through this technique, he was able to produce a richly layered web of patterns and colors, as in Number 11, 1949. To emphasize the lack of subject matter, in 1948 Pollock began to title the paintings only with numbers and dates.

Jackson Pollock
American, 1912–1956
Number 11, 1949
Duco and aluminum paint on canvas
45 x 47 ½ in. (114.3 x 120.7 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Jane and Roger Wolcott Memorial, Gift of Thomas T. Solley, 75.87

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