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The Port of Argenteuil (Le bassin de Argenteuil)

Many of the Impressionists congregated at the small town of Argenteuil near Paris to paint the River Seine. The town was popular during the summer with urban day-trippers who enjoyed sailing on the river—as the large number of sailboats in this painting indicates. Claude Monet, who lived in Argenteuil from 1871 to 1878, constructed a bateau-atelier, or “boat studio,” in order to achieve a more intimate vantage point from which to paint the river; his boat is visible in the lower-right corner of this painting. In this work, painted from a bridge, Monet conveyed atmospheric effects through loose brushwork and the suppression of details.

Claude Monet
French, 1840–1926
The Port of Argenteuil (Le bassin de Argenteuil)
Oil on canvas
21 ¾ x 25 7/8 in. (55.2 x 65.7 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, 76.15