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Double-Spout-and-Bridge Vessel

This vessel illustrates the predilection of Pre-Columbian ceramicists from southern Peru for decorative two-dimensional surfaces which rely on line and color to create their images. The vessel also shows the post-fire resin paint that is a hallmark of Paracas ceramics. The paint originally was very smooth and shiny but also fragile, since exposure to heat or excess moisture would cause the paint to blister or deteriorate. The somewhat dull and powdery colors on many surviving Paracas ceramics, including this one, is a result of this sort of deterioration.

Paracas culture, Teojate (Juan Pablo), Peru
Double-Spout-and-Bridge Vessel
Paracas VII, 600–300 BC
Diam. 7 ½ in. (19.1 cm)
Clay, pigment
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wardwell, 90.70