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Cup (Phiale) with Ribbed Decoration

The earliest known Etruscan settlements date from the ninth to the seventh centuries BC. This early period is often referred to as Villanovan because Villanova (near modern-day Bologna) is the area in which the first archaeological examples were found. As cities began to develop in this period, the arts were fostered to an increasing extent. Supported by the many mineral deposits in the region, metalsmithing, in particular, began to thrive. This phiale is a fine example of the skillful ribbed decoration for which Etruscan vessels were known. Phiales are shallow bowls that were used as cups, as well as for pouring libations during religious rituals.

Villanovan or early Etruscan (Italy)
Cup (Phiale) with Ribbed Decoration
8th–7th century BC
H. 1 7/8 in. (4.8 cm), diam. (mouth) 6 3/8 in. (16.2 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Collection of Diether Thimme, 98.190