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The artist Dong Shouping was born in Hongdong, Shanxi province. While completing his degree in economics in 1926 from Eastern University in Beijing, he took advantage of the newly opened National Palace Museum and began to study traditional Chinese painting. By the 1930s he was considered an authority on Chinese painting and an accomplished painter of birds and flowers. Bamboo, an enduring subject of Asian painting, embodies the qualities of humility, fidelity, and integrity in its ability to bend rather than break. Wet black ink painted over the paler ink strokes of the bamboo leaves and stems makes this a dynamic composition.

Dong Shouping
Chinese, 1904–1997
Ink on paper
37 x 22 ¾ in. (94.0 x 57.8 cm)
Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, Gift from the Collection of Dr. Thomas Kuebler, 2014.69

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