IU Eskenazi Museum of Art Now Home to the Largest Rainwork in the World!

Rainwork mandala rainstorm
Image: Mandala Rainwork at the IU Eskenazi Museum of Art, photo by Abe Morris

What is a Rainwork?
Rainworks are rain-activated street art that are completely invisible when dry, and only appear when they are wet. Rainworks are designed to make rainy days happier. They are created by using a non-toxic, environmentally-safe super hydrophobic spray called Rainworks Invisible Spray. Rainworks typically last 2 to 4 months. 

Who Created Rainworks?
Artists named Peregrine Church and Xack Fischer developed Rainworks in their hometown Seattle, Washington. After a video of Rainworks went viral on the Internet, Rainworks have appeared all over the world. 

What Is The Largest Rainwork Ever Created?
The Indiana University Eskenazi Museum of Art in Bloomington, Indiana, commissioned Church and Fischer to install a Rainwork in the plaza in front of the art museum. The result is Mandala, the largest Rainwork ever created, at almost thirty-four feet in diameter. Mandala was installed in eleven hours by Church and Fischer, with additional assistance from Emelie Flower and Abe Morris. It was unveiled before a crowd of hundreds who launched almost 150 water balloons at the Rainwork to make it visible. Find more photos of the installation and unveiling of Mandala below. Church and Fischer are also teaching workshops on how to create Rainworks during their stay in Bloomington. The IU Eskenazi Museum of Art is actively working with organizations and individuals to create more Rainworks in Bloomington, to use this project to take art out into the community and make art a fun and surprising part of people's daily lives. Many thanks for Peregrine, Xack for their brilliant ideas, and for bringing Rainworks to our community.  

Watch a video of the Rainworks unveiling at the IU Eskenazi Museum of Art:

Find out more information about  Rainworks at Rain.works, including how to create your own. 

Rainworks at the Eskenazi Museum of Art is made possible in part by the generous support of Linda Watson. Additional thanks to IU Eskenazi Museum of Art director David Brenneman, and the entire museum staff, the Monroe County Public Library, the IU Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts, and the City of Bloomington.

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rainwork install 1
mage: Rainwork installation in progress, R to L: Peregrine Church, Emelie Flower. Photo by Abe Morris.

rainwork install 2
mage: Rainworks founders Peregrine Church and Xack Fischer installing Mandala at the Eskenazi Museum of Art. Photo by Kevin Montague

rainwork water balloon
mage: Rainwork unveiling by water balloon. Photo by Kevin Montague. 

rainwork x and p
mage: Rainworks founders Peregrine Church and Xack Fischer with Mandala. Photo courtesy of Rainworks.