What’s in a Picture?

5.47 min.
Learn more about Vigée Le Brun, her role in the eighteenth-century French royal court, and her enigmatic painting, Portrait of Mrs. Chinnery, from the Eskenazi Museum of Art's collection in this video produced by WTIU.

Matisse's Jazz and Other Works from IU Collections
Eskenazi Museum of Art

3.45 min.
Nan Brewer, the Eskenazi Museum of Art's Lucienne M. Glaubinger Curator of Works on Paper, discusses the exhibition Matisse’s Jazz and other Works from IU Collections, which was on view in 2014, and explains why the pieces highlighted in both the exhibition and this video may not be familiar to museum patrons.

The following videos—created as podcasts with accompanying images—were made by IU students who took the course Across Cultures: Universal Stories and Themes in Art (FINA-A 390/590) that was offered in the spring of 2012 and fall of 2013. This course utilized the rich resources and collections of the Eskenazi Museum of Art to better understand how artists throughout the ages and across the world have grappled with life’s big themes and stories. As a museum studies course, students applied the topic to projects that included these videos, as well as exhibition proposals and educational materials for teachers.

Ceremonial Drinking
Kate Robinson
6.31 min.
Kate Robinson examines community through ceremonial drinking in both Ancient Greece and Samoan culture by highlighting two objects—a red-figure kylix and an eight-legged kava bowl—from the museum’s collection.

The Cosmos
Valerie Lazalier & Earl Bellinger
6.11 min.
Valerie Lazalier and Earl Bellinger explore the role of the cosmos through history by examining sculptures in the Eskenazi Museum of Art made by the Yoruba peoples in Nigeria, the Mayan peoples in Guatemala, and American artist Joseph Cornell; they also discuss an ornamental chest pendant from Easter Island.

Josh Hoering
5.48 min.
Josh Hoering brings the beauty of everyday life into focus by discussing concepts of air and atmosphere in artwork. He examines light wavelengths in a painting by Sanford Robinson Gifford, fog in a self-portrait by Nina Korhonen, Parisian air in one of Marcel Duchamp’s readymades, and negative spaces within a sculpture by Sol LeWitt.