Tours & Class Visits

The Eskenazi Museum of Art offers tours of its collections free of charge.

The museum has a very active tour program that serves over 17,500 visitors each year, of which approximately half are children. The museum’s education department can customize a program around various disciplines, themes, issues, and ideas expressed in a class curriculum; over 500 curriculum-structured tours were provided last year. Educators can also arrange special interactive tours of art or architecture on campus, including the famous Thomas Hart Benton murals.

When scheduling a tour, we ask that you keep in mind the following:

  • We need at least two weeks' notice to schedule a guided tour of the collections.
  • We need at least four weeks' notice to schedule customized tours based on themes, issues, and/or ideas in a class's curriculum.
  • We will send you an email to confirm your tour. No tour is regarded as confirmed by the museum's education department without email confirmation.
  • Please call ahead to inform us of any group visit to the galleries.

Please see below for more information, or contact Patsy Rahn, the museum’s tour manager, at to arrange a tour or schedule a visit.

  • Pre-College Tours

    Tours and Programs During the Renovation

    While the museum's building is closed for renovation, our education department is offering art-related walking tours of the IU Bloomington campus. We are also offering classroom PowerPoint presentations for area schools and various community organizations, and Teaching through the Visual Arts in-services for area K-12 classroom teachers. To inquiry about these programs or schedule a tour please contact the museum's tour manager Patsy Rahn at

    K-12 Curriculum-Structured Tours

    Curriculum-structured tours with bus transportation (up to $125 per bus) are available for every grade, K-12. The museum’s education department can customize interactive tours around various disciplines, themes, issues, and ideas expressed in a class curriculum, such as science, math, history, geography, biology, literature, art fundamentals, or world religions to name a few.

    Here are just a few tour suggestions currently being offered:

    • Kindergarten: Safari in the Galleries (resource materials in process)
    • Grade 1: Exploring Art through Shape, Color, Line, and Form
    • Grade 2: Introduction to an Art Museum*
    • Grade 3: Communities (resource materials in process)
    • Grade 4: Teaching History through the Thomas Hart Benton Indiana Murals (in cooperation with the IU Auditorium)*
    • Grade 5: The Eskenazi Museum of Art Pictures America Selections from the Morton C. Bradley Collection of American Painting*
    • Grade 6: Images of World Cultures: Western Civilization*
    • Grades 7–8: Images of World Cultures: Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands, and/or Ancient Americas
    • Grades 9–12: Thematic Gallery Sessions Issues of Cultural Diversity, Gender, World Religions, Social Issues
    • Grades 7–12: World Religions Tour

    *Accompanying web module. To view this web module, please see Interact. Resource materials for teachers are available in K-12 Educators.

    Specialized School Programs

    The education department is happy to create a customized, curriculum-structured tour around any theme, issue, or idea to meet specific K-12 classroom needs and can suggest other sites and activities on the IU Bloomington campus to flesh out a full-day field trip.

    Examples of the specialized school programs include our second grade tour program. Since 1982, the museum has partnered with the Monroe County Community Schools to provide a tour program for all second grade classes system-wide. This program serves to introduce second graders to the world of art and the many functions of a museum. The objectives, content, and methods are the result of an on-going dialogue among classroom and art teachers, art education professors and students, museum educators and docents, second graders, and the state standards for second-grade art programs. Bus transportation for this program is made possible through the generosity of museum donors.

    Support for the K-12 Curriculum-Structured Tour Program has been provided by J.R. Stallsmith, AAMS® & Hilliard Lyons, St. John Associates, the Lucienne M. Glaubinger Endowment, and other private donors. Each grade, from kindergarten through high school, participating in this program, receives a customized tour focusing on age-appropriate themes, issues, and ideas outlined by the Indiana Department of Education Standards and Resources.

    We enjoy a challenge! There are dozens of additional tours and programs on file!

  • College Tours

    We invite you to consider the Art Museum in your teaching plans each semester.

    Both educators and individuals interested in viewing objects in storage or in the works-on-paper collection (up to twenty works at a time) may request a viewing of artwork to be held in the museum’s works-on-paper study room. 

    Customized curriculum-based programs are also available for university educators.

  • Public Tours

    The museum also offers a docent-led public tour every Saturday at 2:00 p.m.; a special docent-led thematic tour is offered at 2:00 p.m. on the first Saturday of most months.

    For more information about special events available to the public, please see our calendar.