K-12 Educators

The education department offers a wide range of gallery sessions for K-12 teachers and their students. In addition to the K-12 Grade Tour Program with age-appropriate tours and resource materials based on the state standards for art and/or social studies curricula, the education department provides customized thematic tours on all three floors of the museum. Teachers’ workshops, Family Days, and student exhibitions introduce audiences of all ages to issues and ideas reflected in masterworks from the museum’s permanent collection as well as special exhibitions and installations.

For more information, please see below, or contact the museum’s education department at (812) 855-1045.

Youth Programs & Exhibitions

Youth Programs

The museum hosts Family Days and children’s workshops in conjunction with special exhibitions and events. Most youth programs are centered around the themes and art-making practices showcased in a special exhibition.

Youth Exhibitions

Every March the museum hosts the annual Youth Art Month Exhibition in collaboration with the K-6 art teachers from the Monroe County Community School Corporation.

Teachers’ Materials

The museum offers a range of materials—from web modules focusing on specific topics in art, to accompanying lesson plans and other resources—for educators to use in the classroom. Examples of these materials can be found on the Explore page.

The Eskenazi Museum of Art's Grade Tour Program

Kindergarten: Gallery Safari—Animals in Story and Art 

First Grade: Exploring Art through Shape, Color, Line, and Texture

Second Grade: An Introduction to an Art Museum

Third Grade: Celebrating Communities

Fourth Grade: Thomas Hart Benton and the Indiana Murals

Fifth Grade: IU Eskenazi Museum of Art Pictures America

Sixth Grade: Images of World Culture—Western Civilization

Middle School: Images of World Culture—Asia, Africa, Ancient Americas, and the Pacific Islands

High School: Thematic Gallery Sessions for Teens