Black Figure AmphoraThe Amasis Painter
Greek, Attic
Black Figure Amphora Honoring Dionysos
550–540 BCE
Clay, glaze, added red and white
H. (with lid) 14 5/16 in. (36.3 cm)
Gift of Mrs. Nicholas H. Noyes, 71.82

You are an extrovert!

This elegant amphora, or two-handled jar that typically stored wine or oil, has elegant proportions and features Dionysos with hunters who are honoring him. Dionysos is the Greek god who gifted wine to mortals, and this scene depicts one of his visits to earth. Here he carries a drinking cup made from a horn and wears a wreath of vine leaves on his head.

Just like Dionysos, you enjoy partying, socializing, and imbibing. You like to be the center of attention and have the ability to make friends with everyone you meet.