The Indiana University Art Museum appreciates your comments and questions.

For general information, please contact the Art Museum by email at or by phone at (812) 855-5445. For exhibition information, a 24-hour recording is available at (812) 855-IUAM (4826).

For more immediate service, please contact the Art Museum Receptionist Vanessa Cantrell by email at or by phone at (812) 855-5445, or contact a specific staff member listed below.

  • Director’s Office

    David Brenneman
    Wilma E. Kelley Director
    (812) 855-0608

    Steve Cook
    Assistant to the Director
    (812) 855-0608

  • Administration

    Carol Dell
    Associate Director for Administration
    (812) 855-9858

    Richard Valdez
    Finance Manager
    812) 855-9008

    Debbie Scholl
    Security Manager

  • Collections Management

    Anita Bracalente
    (812) 855-0607

    Heather Hales
    Associate Registrar
    (812) 855-1010

  • Conservation

    Margaret Contompasis
    Beverly and Gayl W. Doster Conservator of Paintings
    (812) 855-1926

    Ellen Lyon
    Conservation Assistant
    (812) 856-0512

  • Curatorial Services

    Diane Pelrine
    Associate Director for Curatorial Services
    Raymond and Laura Wielgus Curator of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
    (812) 855-1036

    Nan Brewer
    Lucienne M. Glaubinger Curator of Works on Paper
    (812) 855-1040

    Janelle Beasley
    Works on Paper Preparator
    812) 855-1026

    Juliet Istrabadi
    Acting Curator of Ancient Art
    (812) 855-1033

    Jenny McComas
    Class of 1949 Curator of European and American Art
    (812) 855-1038

    Pete Nelson
    Senior Gallery Technician

    Sherry Rouse
    Curator of Campus Art
    (812) 855-1024

    Judy Stubbs
    Pamela Buell Curator of Asian Art
    (812) 855-8267

    Max Shaw
    Gallery Technician
    (812) 855-1015
    [or contact Diane Pelrine:]

    Laura Scheper
    Manager of Special Programs and Events
    (812) 855-8978

  • Development

    Patricia Winterton
    Associate Director of Development
    (812) 855-1031

    Patrick Petro
    Assistant Director of Development
    (812) 856-3112

    Connor Hakes 
    Development Assistant
    812) 856-3138

  • Editorial and Marketing

    For general information about editorial and marketing services, please call (812) 855-9647.

    Brian Garvey
    Art Director
    (812) 855-1032

    Mariah Keller
    812) 855-9132

    Kevin Montague
    Head Photographer
    (812) 855-1029

    Abe Morris
    Manager of Public Relations and Marketing
    (812) 855-9647

  • Education

    Edward Maxedon
    Lucienne M. Glaubinger Curator of Education
    (812) 855-1045

    Tavy Aherne
    Senior Academic Officer
    (812) 855-7727

    Patsy Rahn
    Tour Manager
    (812) 855-7719


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Scheduling Tours

The Indiana University Art Museum offers tours of its collections free of charge. To schedule a tour, please contact Patsy Rahn, our tour manager at or (812) 855-7719.

Facility Rentals & Events

To rent an Art Museum facility, please see the Special Event Agreement. If you have further questions, please contact us at  or (812) 855-8978.