The Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University is currently closed for renovation. The museum is scheduled to reopen in fall of 2019.

We continue to be active as an organization while the museum is closed for renovations and staff can continue to be contacted by email or phone. 

For general information, please contact the art museum by email at or by phone at (812) 855-5445. You may also contact a specific staff member listed below.

  • Director’s Office

    David Brenneman
    Wilma E. Kelley Director
    (812) 855-0608

    Maggie Kroh
    Assistant to the Director
    (812) 855-0608

  • Administration

    Carol Dell
    Director of Administration and Finance
    (812) 855-9858

    Richard Valdez
    Finance Manager
    (812) 855-9008

  • Collections Management

    Anita Bracalente
    (812) 855-0607

    Heather Hales
    Associate Registrar
    (812) 855-1010

  • Conservation

    Ellen Lyon
    Conservation Assistant
    (812) 856-0512

  • Curatorial Services

    Nanette Esseck Brewer
    Lucienne M. Glaubinger Curator of Works on Paper

    Janelle Beasley
    Works on Paper Preparator
    (812) 855-1026

    Juliet Graver Istrabadi
    Curator of Art of the Ancient World
    (812) 855-1033

    Jennifer McComas
    Curator of European and American Art
    (812) 855-1038

    Pete Nelson
    Senior Gallery Technician
    (812) 855-1015

    Sherry Rouse
    Curator of Campus Art
    (812) 855-1024

    Judith Ann Stubbs
    Pamela Buell Curator of Asian Art
    (812) 855-8267

    Max Shaw
    Gallery Technician
    (812) 855-1015

  • Development

    Patricia Winterton
    Director of Development
    (812) 855-1031


  • Editorial and Marketing

    Mariah Keller
    Editor and Team Lead, Creative Services
    (812) 855-9132

    Brian Garvey
    Senior Graphic Designer
    (812) 855-1032

    Kevin Montague
    Head Photographer
    (812) 855-1029

    Cassi Tucker
    Manager of Museum Technology

  • Education

    Heidi Davis-Soylu
    Lucienne M. Glaubinger Director of Education
    (812) 855-1045

    Christopher Nunn
    Andrew W. Mellon and Anthony J. Moravec University Experiences Manager
    (812) 855-7727

    Patsy Rahn
    Tour Manager
    (812) 855-7719

    Laura Scheper
    Manager of Public Programs
    (812) 855-8978

    Lauren King
    Arts-Based Wellness Experiences Manager
    (812) 855-2597



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Scheduling Tours

The IU Eskenazi Museum of Art offers tours of its collections free of charge. To schedule a tour, please contact Patsy Rahn, our tour manager at or (812) 855-7719.

Facility Rentals & Events

To rent an Art Museum facility, please see the Special Event Agreement. If you have further questions, please contact us at  or (812) 855-8978.