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This image is a half-length portrait of a woman in tattered clothes leaning against tree.
Haitian Woman, Croix Des Missions, Haiti
Artist: Walter Rosenblum
The actress Vivien Leigh is dressed in a costume (as a Greek goddess) standing amongst fake clouds. Her left arm is raised over her head and her right hand is extended to her side.
Vivien Leigh As Aurora, Goddess of Dawn
Artist: Angus McBean
Two camels and a smaller quadripedal animal are walking in an abstract landscape. The image has fields of yellow, green, teal, red-brown, violet, and tan.
With Two Dromedaries and 1 Donkey
Artist: Paul Klee
This image is an abstract composition with fields of dark blue and pale orange. A central rectangular field of white and red is at the center.
Tales of Genji V
Artist: Helen Frankenthaler
This image is a bust length frontal portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. He wears a simple white jacket and the lapels are lightly sketched on.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Artist: John Wilson
A photograph of a man and a woman dancing, facing each other but both looking slightly downward. The woman wears a striped dress and is barefoot; the man wears a suit and slip-on shoes.
Christmas Night
Artist: Malick Sidibé
A photograph of a young woman dancing on a checkered floor. The woman is wearing a large, wrapped headdress, a shirt with flared sleeves, a skirt, and sandals.
Smiling Dancer
Artist: Malick Sidibé
A photograph of a man standing over turntables, his knees bent, and his hands on the dials. His body is oriented toward the left side of the image, but he turns his head to face the viewer.
Disc-Jockey with Radio Mali
Artist: Malick Sidibé
This image includes a branch-like shape on a mottled brown and tan background. A large, rounded shape is placed over the middle of the branch.
Money Tree
Artist: Judy Pfaff