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A white and black pitcher with black abstract desings in two wide bands on the body.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo
Culture: Pueblo II
A rug with a black outer border and a white/cream inner border. The rug also has a brown background with white/cream, black, and dark brown designs.
Two Grey Hills Rug
Artist: Katherine Nathaniel
Culture: Navajo
A rug with a Rainbow god figure bordering the right, left, and bottom of the rug. There is a corn stock depicted in the center with two dancers on either side.
Yei Rug
Culture: Navajo
This tobacco pouch has leather at the top with two main sections of beadwork below. The bottom of the pouch has leather fringe.
Tobacco Pouch
Culture: Plains
A basket with two rows of figures wrapping around it. The figures are standing and each figure holds the hands of the figures on either side of it.
Culture: Pomo
A lidded basket with a red circle in the center of the top and several lines of red that encircle the basket. There is also a whale depicted on the side of the basket.
Lidded Basket
Culture: Nuu-chah-nulth
Culture: Makah
An ivory handle in the form of a standing figure. There are two lines with dots in the middle around the neck and around the ankles, with a diamond shape over the chest of the figure.
Bag Fastener for a Woman's Sewing Kit
Culture: Inupiat
Culture: Yupik
A woven brown basket with geometric designs running vertically down the exterior of the basket.
Cooking Basket
Culture: Skokomish
A wooden rattle in the form of a bird with carved eyes. The bird has a wooden cylinder protruding from its backside, as a handle.
Rattle in the Form of a Bird
Culture: Nuu-chah-nulth
A red clay jar with a wide, rounded base that tapers upward in a long, cylindrical neck ending in a slightly flaring mouth. There is a serpent motif on the lower third of the jar.
Artist: Maria Martinez
Culture: Pueblo
Artist: Julian Martinez
Culture: Tewa
Culture: San Ildefonso Pueblo