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On right, bowl and bamboo-handled whisk beside leafy plant, member of the bean family, with tendrils and four long flowers. Writing in cursive script on the left sheet.
Farewell Poems for a Philosopher
Artist: Kitao Shigemasa
The actor as Kojima, the wife of Bingo no Sagurō, holding a poem scroll beneath an autumn maple tree. This the right panel of a triptych for a dance interlude.
The Actor Osagawa Tsuneyo II As Kojima
Artist: Tōshūsai Sharaku
Multi-armed figure.
The God Hevajra
Artist: Unknown
Culture: Tibetan
Figure riding an elephant.
The King Cho-Chyong
Artist: Unknown
Culture: Tibetan
Painting of a larged blue figure with an ox head brandishing a club.
Artist: Unknown
Culture: Tibetan
A thanka with the god Guhyasamaja and his consort Adhiprajna in the center of the composition.  They are surrounded by other small seated figures with halos and clouds.
Guhyasamaja and Adhiprajna
Artist: Unknown
Culture: Tibetan
Daoist sage Ko Shohei turning sheep into rocks. Signature and two seals of artist at lower right.
Legend of Ko-Shohei, The Hermit and the Sheep
Artist: Ikeno Taiga
Culture: Japanese
Square dish with plum blossom design.
Artist: Totaro Sakuma
Culture: Japanese