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Buff colored globular-shaped jar with raised lines in V designs.
Globular Jar
Artist: Unknown
Culture: Chinese
Small kneeling camel with two humps.
Kneeling Camel
Artist: Unknown
Culture: Chinese
Seated animal with the head and body of a lion with wings sprouting from his shoulders and projecting horns or flames from its head. Decorated with yellow, amber, and green glazes.
Earth Spirit
Culture: Chinese
A horizontal print depicting the acropolis in center middleground with ruins in the foreground and pink flushed hills in the distance.
The Acropolis Ruins
Artist: Hiroshi Yoshida
Culture: Japanese
Seven standing figures and  two ducks against a rendering of the big dipper in the background.
Ducks and Seven Transcendants
Artist: Dai Yanxing
Actor print with warrior wearing a brown and black kimono and holding a blue sword.
Sawada Shojiro As Hayashi Buhei
Artist: Natori Shunsen
Culture: Japanese
Copper amulet box with silver filigree decoration.
Culture: Tibetan
Two standing figures. The figure in the back wears a purple robe and is armed with a
Wudi Chinese God of War
Culture: Chinese
Figure wearing green (leave) short pants holds two round discs, one in each hand, with the characters for moon (left hand) and sun (right hand). There is a block with an ax in the right foreground. The inscriptions on top are about expelling evil, invoking blessings, and protecting the house.
Culture: Chinese